A Selection of Executed Programs 2010:



Food Sustainability & Food Safety
May 08 – 14

The focus of this program in Washington DC was on two integrated areas of food production – sustainability and safety. The delegation of key policymakers, food industry representatives, researchers, consumer organizations and public health authorities was led by Annemie Burger, director-general at the Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV).


New Media in the Digital Era
June 12 – 20

Five leading editors of the Dutch Public Broadcasting organizations (NPS, VPRO & NCRV) traveled to San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas and Seattle for meetings with peers and various experts focusing on the future of the news media and journalism amid rapid changes in newsconsumption and in the overall media landscape.


Inside Brussels 2010 – Europa na Lissabon en de crisis
June 22 – 24

Offered a mixed group of executives, policymakers and senior public affairs professionals insight into the EU’s institutional structure, decision-making processes and lobbying scene. Special attention was given to recent changes (new Commission, Lisbon ratification) and the European response to the financial and economic crises.


Province of Limburg to China
September 05 – 12

Our partner organization CPAFFC asked us again to arrange a Dutch speaker for this seminar. Limburg Governor Léon Frissen has agreed to speak and will subsequently travel to Shanghai with a small delegation to explore how he can cooperate with the Chinese for the Floriade exhibition in Venlo in 2012.


Sir Richard May Seminar
September 26 – October 2

30+ Federal and State judges from across the US participated in the Sir Richard May Seminar to be educated about international law and the activities of the various international courts and tribunals located in The Hague. The seminar is an initiative of the International Judicial Academy in Washington, DC and is organized with the assistance of APEP.


Vijfkeerblauw to US & Canada
October 23 – 29

Tailor-made program in Washington DC and Ottawa for the two directors of the government’s new printing and graphic services organization, vijfkeerblauw (part of De Werkmaatschappij). Their aim was to exchange experiences with US and Canadian peers on organizational and financial aspects and to find out how corporate identity programs are applied and managed.


Handvestgroep to Stockholm
October 26 – 28

Board Members of the Charter Group for Public Accountability (Handvestgroep Publiek Verantwoorden) visit Stockholm to learn more about the way the Swedish central government is structured, with a special focus on policy making vs. policy implementation.


Japan, van stagnatie naar innovatie
November 6 – 13

A program that mixes elements of our “Inside” programs (government structure, decision-making processes) with special attention for the Japanese approach to aging of the population, innovation, spatial planning/water management and emergency management. Roel Bekker led the delegation.


NHG Masterclass
November 21- 24

Another Masterclass organized at the request of the Homeownership Guarantee Fund NHG, this high-level program gives financial experts a detailed understanding of the mortgage markets and related government policies in the UK.