A selection of executed programs for the year 2008:


IPO Environment Commission to Geneva
January 22 – 26
A study visit for the current environment board of IPO aimed at the subject of climate change in an international perspective.

IPO to Vienna
February 12 – 15
The Social Policy Board of IPO traveled to Vienna to learn more about topics related to Youth Policy.

Rabobank Retail/Gilde delegation to London
February 13 – 15
A program focusing on innovative retail marketing ideas and trends and how that can relate to retail banking

IPO Board to Scotland
March 18 – 21
Since the Labor Party formed a government in 1997 devolution has been an important issue in British politics. Everyone involved agrees on what the West Lothian Question is; the problem is that no-one can agree on the answer. During a brief three-day visit to Edinburgh this senior delegation of IPO (interprovincial consultation platform) addressed not only the WLQ but examine how devolution and self-governance in certain policy areas have affected Scotland.

Selma Huizer (BNG) – Scholarship program part I
March 22 – 31
The latest recipient of the APEP Scholarship, Selma Huizer of public-sector bank BNG visited a number of cities across the US in search of new ideas and concepts for financing healthcare (real) estate.

Selma Huizer (BNG) – Scholarship program part II
April 7 – 16
The latest recipient of the APEP Scholarship, Selma Huizer of public-sector bank BNG visited a number of cities across the US in search of new ideas and concepts for financing healthcare (real) estate.

Inside China
May 24 – 31
Led by APEP chairman Hans Dijkstal, this program allowed senior executives, managers and policymakers from the public and private sectors the opportunity to experience China first-hand. Face-to-face meetings and site visits shed light on decision-making structures, economic policy, social trends and environmental challenges.

IPO Commissie Bestuurlijke & Financiële Zaken to Spain
May 27 – 30
A delegation of the IPO (interprovincial) Commission on Government and Financial Affairs visited Madrid to learn about (financial) relations between the various layers of government, decentralization and provincial taxation powers.

ENECO Energie to Sweden
June 8 – 11
The Board of Management and Supervisory Board of ENECO Energie visited Stockholm, Sweden to study developments in the field of renewable energy and climate change.

BZ Visitors Program
June 8 – 11
Upon the invitation of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, journalists and policy experts from the US and Canada were introduced to integration policy in the Netherlands. Meetings with government representatives, politicians and NGOs in combination with neighborhood visits familiarized participants with the successes as well as the problems encountered.

Ministry of General Affairs to US
August 3 – 7
Secretary General Richard van Zwol and his Strategy Advisor looked at the role strategy plays in decision-making on a central government level.

IPO to London
September 2 – 5
The IPO Commission Water visited London to study Water Management issues (water in relation to safety; spatial planning; and, climate change).

Sir Richard May Seminar
September 21 – 26
A delegation of Federal and State judges from across the US participated in the Sir Richard May Seminar to be educated about international law and the activities of the various international courts and tribunals located in The Hague. The seminar is an initiative of the International Judicial Academy in Washington, DC and organized with the assistance of APEP.

Convenant Overgewicht
September 23 – 25
The program examined, by meeting with the legislators, researchers, the medical community, consumer groups, nutritionists, leading food retailers, the food industry and the media, the issues faced and strategies undertaken in the United Kingdom in trying to tackle the imminent obesity epidemic.

IPO Culture Commission to Liverpool
September 23 – 26
This study visit, organized for interprovincial platform IPO, took place in the Cultural Capital of Europe 2008 and focused on the effects for the region.

Proudfoot Dinner
September 24
Annual dinner event for APEP member Proudfoot. Keynote speaker is Wim Kok who addressed the Presidential Elections in the US

Vora to the US
October 4 – 11
A program for the Dutch Voorlichtingsraad in the United States focusing on new developments in the media and communication sectors.

CDA Young Politicians
October 11- 18
18 Young political CDA talents traveled to the US to witness the campaigns in action. They joined campaign teams as observers for a few days to learn how the ‘political handwork’ is done.

IPO Economic Commission to the UK
October 15 – 17
The Economic Commission of the interprovincial platform IPO studied spatial planning issues in the south of England with a special focus on business parks.

NHG Masterclass
October 19 – 24
This year’s edition of the NHG Masterclass took place in Moscow

Twynstra Gudde to New York
October 24 – 29
A group of 17 consultants from Twynstra Gudde Management Consultants visited New York to study issues relating to Program Management.

Presidential Election Week
November 1 – 7
The Presidential Election Week is designed especially for high-level executives, from both business and government, whose organizations are a Member of the Atlantic & Pacific Exchange Program. It offered a first-hand look at the elections as well as a broader insight into the workings of American politics, with a wide range of key players, prominent observers and interest groups sharing their perspectives with APEP’s delegation.

November 17
APEP celebrated its 25th anniversary in the Pilgrim Father’s Church in Delfshaven, Rotterdam. Keynote speaker was Election Week delegation leader Wim Kok.

100.000+ to Strasbourg
November 20 – 21
Organized for public-sector bank BNG (APEP Member) and senior finance managers of large municipalities, this program gave participants an understanding of EU institutions and decision-making, lobbying opportunities and current developments related to local government finance.