A Selection of Executed Programs 2007

February 21 – 24
Higher and Further Education in Wales
As part of the Twynstra Gudde Master Class Learning to organise an 11-person delegation spent a short week in Wales looking at the close relationship that institutions of higher and further education have built with local industry, business and commerce and at these institutes’ collaborative links with other education providers and the local community. These relationships have strongly contributed to the progressive and innovative nature of education in Wales .

March 3 – 12
Ministry of the Interior Trainees to China
In a trip intended to enrich their traineeship with a horizon-widening, thought-provoking and educational experience, a group of young and talented Interior Ministry employees explored how issues that are at the heart of their daily work practice are looked upon and dealt with in China.

April 9 – 14
Senior Living: Care or Service?
Organized in close cooperation with APEP Members BNG and Twynstra Gudde, this invitation-only program allowed participants to familiarize themselves with the latest trends in senior living concepts that combine housing and care. At the center of the program was a number of quality and service related developments that can serve as an example to the Netherlands .

April 10 – 14
Innovative Technologies in the Health Sector: Nanotechnology in Food and Pharma
A study program in the USA focussing on the role nanotechnology can play in relation to food and pharma. The prgoram examined how applications of nanotechnology can deliver new products, how better-performing materials and packaging can enhance product shelf-life and retain freshness, how sensors and diagnostics systems will enhance food-processing, quality and safety, how the encapsulation and delivery of nutrients and pharmaceuticals can help avoid and treat disease.

May 28 – 31
Recently, three Dutch Universities of Technology ( University of Twente , Delft University of Technology and Technical University Eindhoven) formally established the 3TU.Federation. To continue building the 3TU.Federation, the Chairmen of the three Dutch Universities of Technology visited the University of California (UC). Main objective of the visit of the chairmen was to gain further insight in the governing body and administration of a cooperative model of a university such as UC.

June 2 – 9
City Planning and Infrastructure in China
This study program will allow senior government, sports, and construction-sector representatives a close look at hard and soft infrastructure and at city planning in China ‘s largest metropoles. The main focus will be on the preparations for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai .

June 12 – 15
Rabobank to London
The Directors/Chairman (seventeen in all) of local Rabobank branches visited London to learn more about current trends in both the British retail banking and the retail sector as a whole.

June 28
Proudfoot Theme Dinner
At the request of APEP member Proudfoot, a lecture was organized in De Oude Raadzaal with as keynote speaker Antony Burgmans who spoke on The role of Business in Society.

July 7 – 15
BZK Emergency Management
The Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations is forming a national crisis organization. Three units have already been set up around the central disciplines: administrative and political decision-making ( NCC ), operational coordination (LOCC) and communication (ERC). The aim of the study program was to learn how the cooperation between these three units can best be organized by viewing examples in the United States .

September 23 – 28
Sir Richard May Seminar 2007
A delegation of Federal and State judges from across the US participated in the Sir Richard May Seminar to be educated about international law and the activities of the various international courts and tribunals located in The Hague . The seminar is an initiative of the International Judicial Academy in Washington , DC and organized with the assistance of APEP.

September 29 – October 2
IPO Rural Area program in the UK
This study visit, organized for interprovincial platform IPO (an APEP Member), focused on the protection and maintenance of nature and landscapes in the United Kingdom : what action is taken, how is it funded, and what role do governments and other stakeholders play? Dutch Minister for Agriculture Gerda Verburg joined the program.

October 3 – 6
Twynstra Gudde Public Policy program in Berlin
A program in the German capital aimed at exchanging knowledge with and learning from public policy practitioners involved in urban regeneration, integration and education. Organized at the request of Twynstra Gudde (APEP Member) for a group of ambitious and talented public policy advisors.

October 9 – 12
IPO Spatial Planning delegation to Italy
Travelling to urban areas in northern Italy that are confronting many of the same challenges that are faced by Dutch cities and regions, executive councillors and advisors of the Dutch provinces looked at the approaches taken by decentral authorities in the Veneto region on issues of urban planning, housing and integration.

November 3 – 9
Inside Washington 2007
Mid- to senior-level managers from the private and the public sector were offered an inside look at ‘how Washington works’: how do the various branches of government function and interact, how are decisions made, what is the influence of lobbyists and media in the US capital?

November 4 – 9
NHG Master Class UK
Following successful Master Classes in Scandinavia and the USA in previous years, this NHG Master Class familiarized participants with the mortgage and housing markets in the United Kingdom . Arranged for our Member organization Homeownership Guarantee Fund (NHG).

November 11 – 15
Climate Change & Energy Innovation – US delegation to the Netherlands
Arranged at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (APEP Member) and involving several other ministries, this program introduced some of the Netherlands ‘ most innovative climate change related technologies to a delegation of experts and opinion makers from the USA .

November 21 – 23
Municipal Finance Delegation to Brussels
Organized for public-sector bank BNG (APEP Member) and senior finance managers of large municipalities, this program gave participants an understanding of EU institutions and decision-making, lobbying opportunities and current developments related to local government finance.

November 28 – December 1
New Media delegation to London
A delegation of the Government Information Service looked at how the recent restructuring and harmonization of the UK government’s digital communications infrastructure has turned out, in order to learn from its successes and mistakes.