A Selection of Executed Programs 2006

INHOLLAND University to the United States (February 25 – March 3)
An orientational program on higher education in the US for a delegation of board members and deans of INHOLLAND University .

Nutrition and Health Claims made on Foods – a comparison between the EU and the USA (March 12 – 18)
While the number of products on the market claiming positive health effects is growing, legislators and regulators are struggling to keep up. This study program shed light on current and expected developments through meetings with key experts and stakeholders in Brussels and Washington , DC .

Medicine Evaluation and Registration (Canada & USA) (March 13 – 20)
A delegation of five Dutch healthcare organizations, including the Ministry of Health (APEP Member) visited Ottawa and Washington to gain an understanding of the medicine registration process and pharmacovigilance and discuss improved international collaboration.

Government Communication in the UK (March 15 – 18)
Senior communication advisors of all Dutch government departments met with specialists inside and outside the British government to discuss the latests trends and issues in government communication.

Proudfoot Theme Dinner (The Hague) (March 16)
APEP and its Member organization Proudfoot Consulting jointly organized a theme dinner titled “The end of the age of Oil – the facts not the fiction”. Professors Coby van der Linde (Clingendael Institute, The Hague) and Tom Burke (Imperial College , London) discussed potential consequences of the ever rising prices of this ever decreasing resource.

Public-Private Partnerships in the UK (April 2 – 6)
A prominent delegation led by Bouwend Nederland chairman Elco Brinkman traveled to the UK for a combination of site visits and meetings with government officials and engineers, with emphasis on public-private partnerships in transportation infrastructure and city development/real estate.

Provincial Finance Delegation to the UK (April 11 – 14)
Provincial administrators and experts of the Interprovincial Platform (IPO) traveled to the UK to find out how decentralized governments are financed and what sort of financial relations exist between the various layers of government.

Dutch Housing Corporations & the EU (April 20 – 21)
Organized together with Dutch public-sector bank BNG (a Member of APEP), this short study program in Brussels fordirectorsof housing corporations shed light on the consequences of European State Aid and Competition Laws for the Dutch corporation ‘phenomenon’ on the housing market.

Inside Brussels 2006 (May 10 – 12)
APEP’s annual study program in Brussels for corporate and public-sector executives. Participants met with key players and were introduced to the EU’s institutional structure, decision-making processes and lobbying scene.

Dura Vermeer to London (August 20 – 22)
A tailor-made study visit to London for top executives of construction group (and APEP Member) Dura Vermeer.

BNG Public Finance to Sweden & Denmark (September 19 – 23)
An initiative of Dutch public sector bank BNG and organized by APEP, this study program for finance directors and controllers of large municipal governments focused on local government financing in Sweden (which has a reputation for good and efficient public administration) and Denmark (where far-reaching local government reforms are being implemented).

Chinese Delegation (September 19)
A delegation of local government officials explored possible cooperation and exchange programs with Dutch local governments.

Sir Richard May Seminar (September 24 – 29)
A delegation of Federal and State judges from across the US participated in the Sir Richard May Seminar to be educated about international law and the activities of the various international courts and tribunals located in The Hague . The seminar is an initiative of the International Judicial Academy in Washington , DC and organized with the assistance of APEP.

NHG Masterclass Scandinavia (October 01 – 05)
Organized at the request of the Homeownership Guarantee Fund NHG (an APEP Member), this high-level study program gave financial experts a detailed understanding of the mortgage markets and related government policies in Sweden and Denmark .

Inside China (October 14 – 21)
A study trip designed to provide insight into the various branches of government and the interaction between them, as well as to examine the opportunities and constraints for business in China .

VSNU to Canada (October 15 – 21)
The Presidents of 13 Dutch Universities plus the President of the VSNU paid a visit to Canada where they met with the Universities of Toronto, McGill and Waterloo as well as with the National Science Advisor, the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council, and the National Research Council.

Inside Washington 2006 (November 04 – 10)
This year’s Inside Washington program coincided with Elections for the United States Congress held on November 7. The program offered participants an inside look at ‘how Washington works’ in a broader sense (how do the various branches of government function and interact, what are the decision-making processes, who are the main players?).

NHG Masterclass USA (November 05 – 10)
Program on the mortgage and housing markets in the United States, similar to the NHG Masterclass Scandinavia (see above). The delegations to the USA and Scandinavia (of mostly different composition) were both led by NHG Supervisory Board member and former State Secretary Robin Linschoten.