A Selection of Executed Programs 2005

March 5 – 19
Ministry of Finance (APEP Scholarship 2004)
Rients Abma of the Ministry of Finance explored the US corporate governance system and the effects of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

March 31 – April 19
Port of Rotterdam (APEP Scholarship 2005)
Port and infrastructure management and expansion in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong were studied.

April 9 – 16
Government Information Directors to US & Canada
Thisprogram continues what has informally become a bi/tri-annual tradition: a study trip to the United States organized by APEP for the ‘Vora’ (Voorlichtingsraad ), the (deputy) directors of information of the Dutch government ministries. In Washington, DC and Ottawa, the participants met with communication/information professionals and spokesmen for the US and Canadian governments, and with journalists, pollsters, lobbyists, specialized scholars and Congressional press officers. The United States has traditionally playeda pioneering rolein the field of government information and communication, disciplines that occupy an integral and prominent position within the US government apparatus.

May 25 – 27
Inside Brussels
The third edition of this intensive, compact study program for corporate and government executives, highlighted the growing importance of EU decision-making and of adequate lobbying in Brussels .

June 5 – 11
Mortgage Trip to US
To celebrate its 10 th anniversary the Stichting Waarborgfonds Eigen Woningen put together a mixed delegation representing the Dutch mortgage industry allowing them to study the latest developments in this field in the US . Robin Linschoten, Chairman of Actal, led the delegation.

June 6 – 8
Battling against the Obesity Epidemic in the UK
This three-day study program examined, by meeting with legislators, researchers, the medical community, consumer groups, nutritionists, leading food retailers, the food industry and the media, the issues faced and strategies undertaken in the United Kingdom in trying to tackle the imminent obesity epidemic.

August 27 – September 3
Justice in the US
A tailor-made program requested by the Ministry of Justice designed to educate a small group (6-8 persons) of their staff on how the US Justice system works, both on federal and on state level.

August 29 – September 2
City of Amsterdam / Twynstra Gudde
At the request of APEP member Twynstra Gudde, we organized a study program for the City of Amsterdam ‘s police and fire departments, GGD, and Public Safety and Security department. The program included, among others, visits to emergency call centers (911).

September 3 – 11
White Biotechnology to Japan
At the request of a new Member, DSM, APEP organized a study trip to Japan , which plays a leading role in the development of White Biotechnology – industrial applications of biotechnology aimed at improving manufacturing processes.

September 11 – 16
Sir Richard May Seminar
A delegation of judges from across the United States visited The Hague to familiarize themselves with the prominent and less prominent international courts and tribunals located there, as well as with the Dutch judicial system.

October 20 – 25
Chinese Local Government Delegation
A group of fifteen local government representatives (both municipal and provincial) come to the Netherlands to learn how Dutch local governments are organized.

November 5 – 11
Inside Washington
Designed especially for mid-level, high-potential managers and policymakers, Inside Washington 2005 will continue a long tradition of introducing participants from diverse sectors – government, business, higher education, media and others – to the inner mechanisms of Washington, D.C.

November 21 and 22
INHOLLAND University to Leuven and Brussels
A study program for approx. 120 mid level managers of the University, as well as the University’s Board, to introduce them to the workings of the EU and its lobby as well as current European education developments.