A Selection of Executed Programs 2004

Inside Brussels 2004 (Mar 02 – 04)
This intensive, compact study program for corporate and government executives highlights the growing importance of EU decision-making and of adequate lobbying in Brussels .

ENECO Board of Directors/Board of Commissioners (Mar 27- Apr 2)
The Board of Directors as well as the Board of Commissioners of Eneco Energy visited Washington , DC and Los Angeles , CA to study the results of a liberalized energy market.

Zorgautoriteit (Apr 17 – 24)
The Dutch government is in themidstof introducing market elements in thehealth care sector. The newly established Dutch Health Care Authority (HCA) is entrusted with the tasks of preparing, promoting and supervising competition in health care. Thus, HCA will play the twin roles of competition authority and regulator.To prepare themselves for these tasks they visited the USA to study its highly relevant experiences in managed care.

Food Safety Program (Apr 18 – 24)
By visiting a number of institutes, authorities and key players in the industry in both Brussels and Washington , DC , this study program examined the recent and future developments with respect to food safety and security. Dr. Aalt Dijkhuizen, President of Wageningen University and Research Centre, led a delegation comprising senior representatives from the scientific and business communities as well as government officials.

Halting the (Youth) Obesity Epidemic Program (Jun 05 – 12)
This one-week study program in the United States examined the issues faced and the tactics undertaken in combating (youth) obesity. To this end, participants met with legislators, food industry representatives, urban planners, researchers, educators, non-profit groups and the media.

Government Communication & Research (Jul 10 – 17)
The participants in this study trip to the US are spokespersons, communication advisors, and researchers employed by the Dutch government. Professionals, who want to learn more about the interaction between research and communication. In the United States , the strategist (researcher) and the spokesman/communication expert work in unity, making use of each other’s expertise in order to optimize the impact of The Message . In the Netherlands , the need for such symbiosis is increasingly felt, but symbiosis does not yet exist – at least not at government level. The delegation will be led by Mr. Hans Caljé, Senior Advisor & Coordinator Communication Research of the Ministry of V&W , and includes participants from three other Dutch Ministries ( VWS, LNV & OCW ).

Chinese Education Delegation (Sep 03 – 05)
The CPAFFC is organizing a study visit by Chinese local government officials to the Netherlands and the UK in August this year. The subject of the visit is educational exchange. The delegation is to explore the possibility of setting up exchange programs between educational institutions in their provinces or cities with those in the Netherlands and the UK .

Active Senior Communities (Sep 04 – 10)
APEP put together a delegation comprising representatives of housing corporations, project developers, financiers, healthcare organizations, and local and national government. This group visits the US and Canada to learn from the experiences of developers, managers and inhabitants of 50+ communities. Much attention was given to the economic side of the gated community.

Gasunie IT Awareness Program (Oct 23 – 30)
Five Gasunie Directors visit Los Angeles , the Silicon Valley and Seattle to study the liberalization of the US energy market as well as IT applications for the gas industry.

Presidential Election Week (Oct 30 – Nov 06)
APEP’s renowned top-level executive program in Washington , DC , which offers a first-hand look at the election of the US President as well as a broader insight into the workings of American politics. A wide range of key players, prominent observers and interest groups share their perspectives with our participants.

Sports Management Program (Nov 07 – 14)
Together with Arko Sports Media APEP will organize a program in the US focussing on developments in the world of Sports Management, thus allowing its Dutch participants to anticipate trends in the Netherlands . After the program it is expected that the delegation will be contribute to a fundamental discussion on governance, organization and social value of sports in the Netherlands .

Jeffrey Robinson Lecture (Dec 09)
Together with 4i Trust, APEP organized a seminar on fraud and integrity in the financial world. Professor Hoogenboom of Nyenrode University was one of the speakers. However, the keynote speaker was Jeffrey Robinson who talked about his latest book The Sink.