A Selection of Executed Programs 2003

March 4 – 6
Inside Brussels
APEP organized an intensive 48-hour study program in Brussels aimed at giving insight into the way EU institutions function (organization, tasks, relationship between the institutions), the role of the Netherlands in Europe’s politics and economy, the lobbying circuit, and the future of the European Union (constitution, expansion, foreign policy).

May 10 – 17
Functional Food Program in Japan
Japan is often credited with creating the term ‘functional foods’ (foods containing significant levels of biologically active components that impart health benefits beyond basic nutrition). Our one-week program took the delegation to Tokyo and Kyoto. By visiting a number of institutes, authorities and key players in the industry, we provided an opportunity to gain insight into, and understand the historical background of, the regulatory requirements, standard controls, scientific issues, and product development of the Japanese functional food sector.

July 1 – 11
Staatsbosbeheer to the US
The director and another representative of Staatsbosbeheer (the Dutch national forest authority) traveled to the United States to look at a variety of issues related to the ownership and management of nature areas.

August 28-29
De Baak, Management Center VNO-NCW Wijzer Aan Zee
Interest in the knowledge economy continues to increase. Now that the Netherlands’ ability to compete internationally is under pressure, it seems that realizing a powerful knowledge economy is the country’s best strategy for the future. Wijzer aan Zee (Smarter at Sea) brought together key actors and experts and offers them a forum to jointly build a strong knowledge economy. APEP members were invited to attend.

September 9 – 13
American Judges to the Netherlands
A delegation of senior judges from across the United States visited The Hague to familiarize themselves with the prominent and less prominent international courts and tribunals located there, as well as with the Dutch judicial system.

September 15 – 19
Twynstra Gudde to the US – I
A group of TG consultants visited several cities in the United States (Bay City, MI; Boston, MA; and, Washington, DC) to study the benefits of, and strategies behind corporate networking (strategic alliances, etc.).

September 20 – 26
Mr. P.P. van Besouw to Japan
Recently retired Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten (Bank Netherlands Municipalities) President Van Besouw paid a visit to Japan. APEP organized a cultural program.

October 9
Japanese Food Safety Delegation to the Netherlands
APEP arranged and hosted discussions between a delegation of the Japanese Research and Development Association for Food Safety Innovation and Dutch scientists.

October 18 – 25
Twynstra Gudde to the US – II
Twynstra Gudde invited several of their clients to join a study program in the United States with the following theme: ‘Looking for innovation in economically troubled times.’

October 18 – 26
Ministry of Home Affairs Trainees
The objective of the group was to study, in the United States, public safety and security issues, the fight against crime and terrorism, and public administration.

November 4
TSM Business School Delegation to Suntory
The Suntory Limited Institute for Biological Safety Assessment in Osaka, Japan was visited by a TSM Business School delegation. The delegation consisted of representatives from Thales Nederland; Cubic Circle; ORMIT International Management Development Network; and, DSM.

November 19
Chinese Local Authorities Delegation
The study program focused on sharing management experiences with counterparts from Dutch municipalities in fields such as infrastructure, the welfare system, human resources, and international contacts.

December 17
APEP 20 Dinner
On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, APEP gives a dinner event for members and friends of the Program.