A Selection of Executed Programs 2002

January 26 – February 2
Washington Corporate Week
Representatives of APEP member organizations were offered an opportunity to witness politics, government and business, the lobbying circuit and the media in the US capital in action.

January 26 – February 6
Ministry of Finance Delegation to the US
This delegation of healthcare financing experts visited the US to learn about American experiences with competition on the healthcare market, against the background of efforts in the Netherlands to introduce ‘managed competition’ between health insurers as a means of improving efficiency.

February 21 – 24
Obragas Delegation to Rome
The Board of Commissioners of Obragas took a look at the liberalization of the energy market in Italy.

February 23 – March 2
Twynstra Gudde Delegation to the US
Several Twynstra Gudde consultants visited the San Francisco area to study the multicultural society and the urban environment/urban planning. They were joined by representatives of the Ministries of Health; Education; Transportation and Water Management; KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and General Hospital ‘Zaans Medisch Centrum’.

February 23 – March 3
Ministry of Home Affairs Trainees to the US
Federal and local government policies in the field of urban development, e-government and emergency management were the focus of this study program for trainees of the Netherlands Ministry of Home Affairs.

March 23 – 30
Ministerial Information Directors to the US
A group of information directors of the Dutch government visited Washington, DC and New York for discussions with their American counterparts and with journalists, pollsters, lobbyists, think-tank members and Congressional press officers.

May 3
Chinese Euro Delegation
Chinese Provincial Executives visited the Netherlands to study the introduction of the Euro. They met with representatives of the Dutch Ministry of Finance and Deloitte & Touche.

May 22 – 26
DELTA Board of Commissioners to France
The Board of Commissioners of utility company DELTA visited Vivendi and EdF installations in France.

June 12 – 16
DELTA District Managers to Barcelona
A delegation of District Managers discussed distribution management with energy companies in Barcelona.

July 5 – 13
Work & Income Program
Mr. Alex Driesens, Policy Advisor for the Council for Work and Income (RWI), Ms. Wandi van Leeuwen, Director General Labor Market Policy and Public Assistance, Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment; and Mr. Jan van Zijl, Chairman, Council for Work and Income (RWI) visited Wisconsin and Connecticut to study work and income related topics.

July 8 – 19
Senate CST Committee Internship Wim van der Weegen
Wim van der Weegen, Press Officer for the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management did an 11-day internship with the Office of Senator Ernest ‘Fritz’ Hollings (D-SC), chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. The goal of the internship was to help the ministry’s communications division in designing a new policy regarding the use of polls.

July 22
Chinese Public Administration Delegation
This delegation consisted of administrators of provincial and local governments. Their program focused on various aspects of public administration, with as main topic the development of local economies.

July 24
Victor Schoenmakers in Washington, DC
Mr. Schoenmakers, the Port of Rotterdam‘s Strategy and Communication Director, had a one-day program in Washington, DC visiting a.o. the U.S. Capitol and the Library of Congress.

September 15 – 18
‘The United States: One Year Later’ Program
Cees van der Hoeven, CEO and President of Royal Ahold lead a delegation that experienced a special three-day program in Washington, DC focusing, among others, on the aftermath of September 11.

September 28 – October 5
Water Management and Spatial Planning in Japan
A high-level delegation of Dutch government, corporate and academic experts traveled to Japan to study possible solutions to the challenges created by the increasingly conflicting demands of water management and spatial planning in both the Netherlands and Japan.

October 7 – 12
BNG Public Finance
At the request of the Netherlands Municipalities’ Bank (Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten), APEP organized a study trip focusing on public finance in the United States, both at a municipal and at a regional level.

October 19 – 26
A six-person Gasunie delegation studied the liberalization of the US energy market as well as IT applications for the natural gas industry.

November 9 – 15
Public Affairs Trip
This mixed delegation studied new ways of working in public affairs in the United States.

November 14
Proudfoot Theme Dinner
This year’s event, hosted by Proudfoot Consulting in cooperation with APEP, had as topic “Back to basics: Profitability Measurements & Implementation of Performance Improvement in Growth and Cost Structures”. Keynote speaker was Mr. David Ungar-Klein, Director World-wide Marketing, Proudfoot Consulting

November 16 – 24
Ministry of Home Affairs Trainees
The 9-member delegation visited Washington, DC and New York to study safety and police issues, the fight against crime and terrorism in the US.

December 15
President Bill Clinton visit to Rotterdam
APEP members were offered the opportunity to meet with President Clinton during his visit to Rotterdam.