A Selection of Executed Programs 2000

February 21:
“Decision 2000” – Launch of the Presidential Election Week
To formally launch APEP’s 4th Presidential Election Week (to take place in Washington DC from November 4 to November 11) we organized “Decision 2000”, a panel discussion in the old meeting room of the Second Chamber of Parliament in The Hague . The prominent panel was chaired by Jeltje van Nieuwenhoven, Chairwoman of the Second Chamber. The other members were former U.S. Ambassador K. Terry Dornbush; Wim Dik, chairman of the board of management of Royal KPN ; Mark Kranenburg, journalist/editor of NRC Handelsblad; Robert van der Meer, member of Fortis Insurance’s management committee and this year’s Election Week delegation leader; and Willem Post, a historian and author who is a reputed commentator on American politics.

March 18-28:
Ministry of Defense to the U.S.
Four officials from the Dutch Ministry of Defense visited Washington , DC to study new developments with regard to the financial and budgetary administration of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and organizations that fall under the DoD.

March 25-April 2:
Workers Council NUON to the US
For the Central Workers Council of Dutch multi-utility NUON, visits were arranged to large U.S. firms in New York and Silicon Valley enabling the delegation to discuss a variety of topics related to energy trading, human resource management, customer care, e-commerce, etc.

March 28-April 4:
Japanese Junior Ambassadors 2000 Mission to the Netherlands
At the request of the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Diplomacy (SPJD), which is part of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, APEP arranged a one-week cultural/educational program in the Netherlands for a group of 26 Japanese teenage students. APEP has been organizing highly successful Junior Ambassador visits since the late 1980s.

April 8-16:
Public-Private Partnerships Program in the U.S.
A Dutch delegation consisting of senior government officials and business executives embarked on an intensive one-week study program in Washington , DC and California focusing on public-private partnerships ( PPP ). The group was led by Elco Brinkman, President of the Dutch Building Contractors Federation (AVBB) and Dick Sluimers, Director-General for the Budget of the Ministry of Finance. The program offered a series of high-level discussions and site visits that dealt with PPP in, primarily, transportation infrastructure and city development.

May 15-18:
Occo Hofje Foundation to the U.S.
The Stichting Occo Hofje, a foundation which provides, studies and develops care for the elderly, sent a 12-person delegation – which included the foundation’s 8 Board members, to the U.S. to find out how care for the elderly is approached there. Among the main topics of interest were the consequences of liberalization processes in the care sector and the funding of projects aimed at the elderly.

May 16:
Minnesota delegation to the Netherlands
APEP arranged a brief program in the Netherlands for a delegation from Minnesota , aimed at familiarizing the group with the Dutch transportation system.

May 20-27:
Chinese delegation led by NPC Vice-Chair to the Netherlands
At APEP’s invitation, a senior Chinese delegation led by Madam Dr . He Luli, Vice-Chairperson of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, paid a one-week visit to the Netherlands . The program included meetings with the Chairwoman and other members of the Dutch parliament, the Minister of Agriculture, and the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. APEP had also arranged for a one-day visit to Brussels , where the delegation met with the Chairman of the Lower House of Belgian Parliament, a member of the Belgian Senate, and a member of the European Parliament.

June 24 – July 1:
Ministry of Home Affairs to Ottawa , Canada
This study program, for two officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs’ Department of Working Conditions, focused on Human Resource Management on a governmental level, more specifically on working conditions of public servants and the relationship between governmental employers and employees.

July 30 – August 2:
Journalists to Republican National Convention
Several Dutch journalists visited the Republican Party’s National Convention in Philadelphia .

September 6 – 10:
Delta Utility Company
A delegation of district managers from Delta Utility Company in Zeeland , the Netherlands visited the UK to study the latest developments in the British utility industry.

September 23 – 29:
From ‘Bricks & Mortar’ to ‘Bricks &Clicks’: E-business Study Program
This study program took place in the San Francisco/San Jose area ( Silicon Valley ) and focused on e-business related transformation strategies and integration issues and the impact of both electronic business and mobile business on companies and organizations. Former Getronics president/ CEO Ton Risseeuw led the delegation.

September 26:
Ton Sonneveldt (Ministry of Health) San Francisco Program
Mr. Sonneveldt’s program in the San Francisco area was designed to enable him to learn more about how ICT is used in hospitals to provide information to and on both its medical staff and its patients. In addition, he studied if/how ICT is used for the long-distance monitoring of patients.

October 7 – 14:
Twynstra Gudde to the US
Five Twynstra Gudde management consultants, joined by a district police chief inspector and civil servants from the Ministry of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports, visited New York and Washington, DC. There objective was to learn more about human resource management at government level, the organizational structure and policies of the New York Police Department and the DC Metropolitan Police Department, developments in the American healthcare sector, and the organization of federal and local government institutions.

October 11:
Dutch Journalists meet with U.S. Congressman Ehlers
A group of Dutch journalists representing NRC Handelsblad, Trouw, Elsevier, ANP, Telegraaf, GPD and Volkskrant met with United States Member of Congress Vernon Ehlers (R-MI). The delegation was led by Dr. Bram Boxhoorn, Director of the Atlantic Association (Atlantische Commissie).