A Selection of 1999 Programs

January 9-17:
Dutch Political and Business Delegation to China
A combined delegation of members of the Second Chamber of Dutch Parliament and businessmen visited Beijing , Shanghai and Zhenjiang to gain insight into current developments in China . Highlight of the program was a meeting with Mr. Li Peng, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and former Chinese Prime Minister.

January 30-February 5:
ENECO Board of Commissioners to the U.S.
High-level meetings were arranged at several large energy companies in Houston and Florida for the Board of Commissioners of ENECO. Representatives of ENECO’s Executive Board and Corporate Strategy department also participated in the program.

March 25-April 1:
Japanese Junior Ambassadors to the Netherlands
Thirty Japanese teenagers were offered a one-week cultural program in the Netherlands . At the request of the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Diplomacy (SPJD), which is part of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, APEP has been organizing highly successful Junior Ambassador visits since the late 1980s.

April 17-24:
Dutch Members of Parliament to the U.S.
APEP organized an intensive program in Washington , D.C. and Grand Rapids ( Michigan ) for five Dutch parliamentarians from five different political parties, all first-time visitors to the United States . The trip provided them with an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the functioning of American politics, social organizations and companies.

April 24-May 3:
Netherlands Railway Group to the U.S.
Senior executives of the engineering and consultancy divisions of the Netherlands Railway Group (NS) travelled to Washington, D.C., Pueblo (Colorado), Sacramento and Los Angeles to take a close look at developments in the American railway sector. Hosts included government representatives, branch organizations, train manufacturers and urban rail engineers.

May 10-22:
Rentray/Ministry of Justice to the U.S.
The Managing Director of Rentray, a Dutch institute for juvenile delinquents, and three representatives of the Dutch Ministry of Justice visited Washington , D.C. and cities in Illinois , New Mexico , Arizona and California to study developments in the field of juvenile delinquency in the U.S. Topics included prevention, alternative forms of detention and aftercare.

June 7:
Lecture by F. Weisglas and G. Declercq
Frans W. Weisglas, Deputy Chairman of the Second Chamber of Dutch Parliament for the Liberal Party (VVD), and Guido A. Declercq, Chairman of the Board of Holec Holland N.V., delivered lectures on the involvement of Dutch politics and business with China . In January, both gentlemen had led APEP’s China delegation. This successful lecture event took place at APEP’s head office in Rotterdam .

June 11-16:
DELTA Nutsbedrijven to Lisbon
The full Board of Directors of this Dutch utility company spent five days in the Portuguese capital. Their study visit included meetings at the Department of Energy and some of Portugal ‘s leading energy companies.

June 13-19:
René Smit to the U.S.
A one-week individual study program was arranged for René Smit, who became CEO of a large hospital combination in the Netherlands in August, 1999. Meetings in Detroit , Grand Rapids and Washington , D.C. gave him an opportunity to inform himself about modern hospital organizations, the development of health care, the position of health insurance companies and the power of market forces in the health care system in the U.S.

June 19-25:
ENECO Workers Council to the U.S.
A one-week study program in San Francisco , Houston and New York offered the Workers Council of the Dutch utility company ENECO an opportunity to obtain first-hand information on the liberalization process in the American energy market. The delegation also discussed several topics related to human resource management.

June 19-27:
Ministry of Home Affairs – Trainees Program in the U.S.
A group of seven trainees of the Dutch Ministry of Home Affairs visited Washington , D.C. and New York . Their intensive program in these cities focused on a wide range of topics related to their traineeships, such as government organization and management, the functioning of courts of justice, immigration and minority issues, public order and safety, diplomacy, media, and education.

July 11 – 25:
VNU I – Marc De Koninck, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, De Gelderlander
As in the Netherlands , newspapers in the United States have experienced a disquieting drop in circulation over recent years. Mr. De Koninck visited ten regional newspapers in the US . to learn more about out what policies his colleagues in the U.S. are developing to counter this trend.

September 18 – 24:
Washington Corporate Week 1999
This year’s Corporate Week was designed especially for mid-level managers, and provided the participants with an excellent opportunity to familiarize themselves with the ‘mechanisms’ of Washington, D.C. Amongst others, meetings were arranged with the Federal Reserve System, prominent lobbyists and nationally respected journalists, corporate leaders, and a member of the U.S. Congress.

September 27 – October 15:
VNU II – Paul Verlinden, BN/De Stem and Kirsten Poorta, Brabants Dagblad
Two reporters from the VNU Newspaper Group visited the US to learn about how U.S. newspapers attempt to attract young readers (aged 18 – 30) and how to keep them interested.

September 27 – October 2:
Twynstra Gudde Management Consultants
Joined by six clients, the Twynstra Gudde group studied the U.S. healthcare system, (air-)port expansions and the entertainment industry (focussing on museums). New York and washington , DC were visited.

October 2 – 16:
Leiden University – Matsushita Institute
Fellows of the Japanese Matsushita Institute visited the Netherlands upon the invitation of Leiden University . The group studied implications of the introduction of the Euro and the Dutch Welfare system.

October 11:
Lecture by Bert Minjon, Executive Director, Rentray
The second Atlantic & Pacific Exchange Program lecture this year. In May, Mr. Minjon participated in a program in the United States focusing on juvenile delinquency issues, together with three representatives from the Dutch Ministry of Justice. In his lecture Mr. Minjon made a comparison between current developments with regard to juvenile delinquency in the U.S. and in the Netherlands .

October 16 – 23:
Obragas Board of Commissioners
The Board of Commissioners of Obragas visited Boston and San Francisco to learn more about the liberalization of the U.S. energy market.

November 2 – 3:
Global Panel Conference
The annually returning conference taking place in the Kurhaus in The Hague . This year’s speakers included Annemarie Jorritsma, Minister of Economic Affairs; Shimon Peres, Israel ‘s Minister of Regional Co-operation and Wim Dik, Chairman of the Board of KPN .

November 8 – 17:
Berenschot Consultants to the U.S.
Five consultants from the Dutch Berenschot Group visited Washington , DC , Boston , MA , and San Jose , CA to learn more about Human Resource Management, Recruitment, Social Infrastructure and Information Technology.

November 8 – 12:
Ministry of Home Affairs – Bart van Poelgeest, Legal Advisor
Mr. Van Poelgeest visited Washington , DC and New York to learn more about recent developments with regard to Transatlanic relations and the U.S. constitution.

November 11:
Proudfoot Theme Dinner
Mr. Gerbrand Hop, Chairman, European Investment Fund (European Investment Bank); Mr. Michiel Hartman, Chief Executive Officer, Management Office, ING Barings Bank; Mr. Koos Kramer, Chief Financial Officer, Koninklijke Wessanen; and Dr. John Thompson, Emeritus Professor of Finance, Liverpool Business School, addressed “Mergers and Acquisitions – Creating a Win-Win Situation” during a theme-dinner organized in co-operation with Proudfoot Consulting.

November 27 – December 3:
Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports
Five employees of the Dutch Ministry of Health, joined by representatives from the Health Care Insurance Board and the National Health Tariffs Authority, studied the U.S. healthcare system.

November 30:
Lecture by Mayor Ivo Opstelten
Mayor Opstelten addressed urban developments in the southeast region of the Province of South Holland .

December 16:
APEP Dinner with Bill Sweeney
The Atlantic & Pacific Exchange Program hosted a dinner for its Think-tank members and its supporting members. During the dinner Mr. Sweeney discussed current U.S. domestic politics and the forthcoming U.S. Presidential Elections.