A Selection of Executed Programs 1998

January 12 – 15
Shandong Delegation
A ten-member delegation of the Standing Committee of the Shandong People’s Congress pays a two-day visit to the Netherlands . The delegation meets with the Queen’s Commissioner for North Holland and visits Parliament.

January 13 – 20
District Attorneys to the U.S.
A delegation consisting of nine Dutch District Attorneys visits the U.S. to study the American juridical system.

January 31 – February 6
TV8 Managing Editors
Two managing editors of two regional television stations visit regional TV stations in Toronto and New York .

February 28 – March 7
Penta and Comenius Colleges Principles
Two Rotterdam Highschool Principles visit Los Angeles , San Francisco , Washington , D.C., and New York to study current developments in U.S. secondary education.

March 14 – 21
Ministerial Press and Information Officers Program
A 13-member delegation visits Washington , D.C. and New York to study the relationship between departmental spokespersons and press officers and the media.

March 21 – 28
Underground Construction Program
A delegation comprising Senior Executives of Dutch construction companies, financial institutions and various Ministries visits underground construction projects in Toronto , Boston and Los Angeles .

March 26 – April 2
Japanese Junior Ambassadors
A group of 30 Japanese teenagers participates in a cultural program in the Netherlands .

April 18 – 28
VNU (Vice) Editors-in-Chief
Two senior Editors of the VNU Newspaper Group visit San Francisco and Los Angeles to study re-organization of U.S. newspapers.

April 26 – May 3
Gasunie IT Trip
Eight senior managers of Gasunie visit Houston and the Silicon Valley region to improve their knowledge of information technology and its possible applications in the gas industry.

May 8 – 16
Berenschot – Human Resource Management I
Five consultants of Berenschot visit Washington , D.C. and San Francisco to study current developments in the U.S. in the field of Human Resource Management.

May 20 – June 7
Leiden University
The Deputy Director of Leiden University ‘s International Relations Department meets with representatives of U.S. universities to explore the possibility of future co-operation and exchanges.

May 21 – 30
Mettray-De Marke
The Chairwoman and Managing Director of the Juvenile Institution Mettray-De Marke visit several Juvenile Institutions in the U.S.

May 31 – June 11
VNU Editors: Lifestyle/Consumer Interests
Two Editors, of Dagblad De Limburger and Brabants Dagblad, visit newspapers in Boston , Washington , D.C. and New York .

June 20 – 27
Speech Writers I
A delegation consisting of 8 ministerial speechwriters visits Boston and Washington , D.C. to learn more about speech writing in the U.S.

July 03 – 13
The Board of Commissioners of NUON visits Washington , D.C. , New Orleans and San Francisco to study liberalization of the energy market and the application of Information Technology in the energy sector.

September 7 – 11
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Program
A program in the Netherlands for 3 employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Directorate for Cultural Cooperation, Education and Research.

October 2 -16
Ministry of Defense to the U.S.
A group of six persons visits the U.S. and Canada to investigate veteran policies in both countries.

October 5 – 7
Berenschot – Human Resource Management II
Second program for Berenschot Senior Consultants focusing on HRM, including visits to Universities in the Boston area.

October 13 – 18
Origin/Achmea Trip
Six Members of the Board of Achmea together with Origin executives in a program visiting innovative insurance and IT companies in the U.S.

October 24 – 29
Obragas to England
The Board of Commissioners of Obragas in a program focusing on the developments on the British energy market since it was liberalized.

October 26 – 30
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
A program in the Netherlands for the Cultural Attaché of the Dutch Embassy in Poland .

October 27 – November 1
Shanghai Delegation
A seven-member delegation consisting of representatives of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference visits the Netherlands to study the Dutch labor market.

October 31 – November 7
Journalists/Ministerial Information Directors Election Program
A program in Washington, D.C. focussing on U.S. mid-term congressional Elections.

November 8 – 14
Bank of Japan to France, Germany and the Netherlands
Bank of Japan Executives visit Europe with the EMU in focus. The program includes visits to Siemens, BMW, SAP , Unilever, Daimler-Benz and Peugeot/Citroën.

November 12
Proudfoot Theme Dinner
Five guest speakers address ‘’Mergers and Acquisitions – Issues Before and After”.

November 25 – 28
DELTA Nutsbedrijven to the United Kingdom
A program focusing on the value of ‘multi’-utility companies.

December 6 – 12
Speech Writers Program II
After the success of the first program Ministries that were earlier not represented join a similar program.