The City & Wall Street revisited

WHERE: London & New York City
WHEN: November 9-13, 2015
FOR: senior executives, policymakers, regulators, compliance experts, public affairs managers, academics

City skylineIn 2009, a year after the collapse of Lehman Brothers shook the foundations of the world’s financial system, APEP traveled to London and New York with leading representatives of the Dutch financial community to discuss the causes and gauge the early impact of the crisis. Since then, a prolonged credit crunch and economic slump have brought extensive regulatory reforms, tighter supervision, resolution schemes and other measures aimed at stabilising the system and restoring trust in financial markets and institutions. Political pressures, technological advances and growing competition for the traditional financial centers are contributing to the changing dynamics in the financial sector.

Six years after our last combined visit to The City and Wall Street – and following various successful APEP programs that have focused on elements of financial sector reform – APEP once again invites senior policymakers, executives, regulators, public affairs managers and academic experts to join in a high-level study visit to what are still the world’s major financial centers. Beginning in London on Monday, November 9 and ending in New York City on Friday, November 13, our study program The City & Wall Street revisited will bring participants around the table with key decision makers at financial institutions and regulators and with leading experts from interest groups, academia and (in London) politics.

Our program – see here for an outline – will examine the longer-term impact from the crisis on the financial sector on both sides of the Atlantic: what are the effects of regulatory and supervisory reforms, to what extent and how successfully have markets and institutions adapted to changed economic, political and technological circumstances, and where is the sector heading in the coming years?

Participants will be offered an intensive meeting agenda – short presentations, ample time for informal discussion, Chatham House rules – as well as an excellent networking opportunity. We are very pleased that Mr Chris Buijink, Chairman of the Dutch Banking Association NVB, has agreed to lead the delegation.


For information about costs and registration or to receive your personal invitation, please contact Elaine Springford (managing director) or Robin Doeswijk (program manager):

elaine . springford [at] / 010-2424 183
robin . doeswijk [at] / 010-2424 182

The registration form for this program can be found here.