APEP’s Presidential Election Week – november 2016

A supporter holds an “I’m Ready for Hillary” sign during the “Ready for Hillary” rally in Manhattan, New York April 11, 2015.

The  58th presidential elections in the United States are planned for Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Will this bring the first female U.S. president to power, if Hillary Clinton outruns the raw grassroots appeal of Bernie Sanders or will the Republicans hit back with Donald Trump or Ted Cruz? Whoever the candidates will be, it is promising to be an exciting election!

APEP is happy to announce its 8th Presidential Election Week, designed especially for high-level executives from the business, government and academic worlds.  Members of the Atlantic & Pacific Exchange Program get registration priority.  The program offers a first-hand look at the elections as well as a broader insight into the workings of the American policital system, with a wide range of key players, prominent observers and interest groups sharing their perspectives with APEP’s delegation.  We are honored to announce that this year’s delegation will again be led by former Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, whose sharpness and wit was very much appreciated and enjoyed by our 2012 delegates.

Meetings will take place – as much as possible, on location – with government officials including senior White House aides, Members of Congress, prominent Republicans and Democrats, corporate executives, lobbyists and several influential political analysts: pollsters, think-tank members and journalists.  On Election Day (November 8), participants will tour polling stations, talk to election officials and voters, and attend the Election Night parties of Republicans and Democrats.

APEP’s Presidential Election Week will start on Saturday, November 5 and conclude on Thursday, November 10 (arrival at Schiphol in the morning of Friday, November 11).

A photo impression on the 2012 program can be found here.

To register, please complete this form.  Early registration is recommended as the size of the delegation is limited.