Election Week Academy 5-11 november 2016

This study program in Washington, DC, with the US elections at its core, is meant for young, talented, high-potential managers and policymakers who have embarked on a very promising career path.

The program will run concurrently with our ‘senior’ program and, although a separate entity, overlaps wiill be designed to occur, allowing the delegation to meet and mix with the participants in the Presiential Election Week and their delegation leader, former Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende.

The Election Week Academy delegation will be led by Senator Ben Knapen, former State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, and will offer participants from diverse sectors – including government, business, higher education and media:

  • An inside look at ‘how Washington works’: how do the various branches of government function and interact, what are the decision-making processes, who are the main players?
  • The program will mainly focus on the Presidential Elections. Will these elections bring the first female U.S. president to power, if Hillary Clinton outruns the raw grassroots appeal of Bernie Sanders or will the Republicans hit back with Donald Trump or Ted Cruz? We will also look at the elections for Congress, where all seats in the House of Representatives are up for re-election, and one third of the seats in the Senate. To learn more about the election process itself, participants will tour polling stations on Election Day (8 November), talk to election officials and voters, and attend the Election Night parties.
  • An intensive agenda of informal, face-to-face discussion meetings with senior representatives from politics, government, business, lobby groups and the media in the US capital. A meeting with White House staff and a Congressman; with prominent corporate lobbyists, a pollster, leading opinion-makers from think tanks (e.g. American Enterprise Institute, Brookings Institution) and the media (such as The Washington Post or CNN); and visits to the Supreme Court and the Federal Reserve (or another influential financial institution) are all prospective parts of the program.
  • A great networking opportunity: throughout the six-day program, participants will be given ample time for informal discussions with fellow delegation members from various sectors and backgrounds.

APEP’s Election Week Academy will start on Saturday, November 5 and conclude on Thursday, November 10 (arrival at Schiphol in the morning of Friday, November 11).

If you are interested to participate, please complete the digital registration form at your earliest convenience.  Early response is recommended as the size of the delegation is limited.

For more information, please send an email to exchange@apep.nl