APEP Membership

Since the early 1980s, APEP study programs have facilitated face-to-face dialogue between over two thousand participants – Dutchmen, Americans, Chinese, Japanese who due to their position, stature, expertise or talent can make a difference in the relations between their countries – and thousands of other interesting, influential and inspiring persons on the receiving side. APEP has been able to organize these programs on a not-for-profit basis thanks to the annual contributions made by its Members: government ministries and agencies, provinces, universities and a broad range of businesses including banks, energy companies, consultancies, construction firms and high-tech companies.

Membership benefits

  • Tailor-made study trips – the organization of programs-upon-request is a service only available to APEP Members.
  • Exclusive Member programs – Only APEP Member organizations can sign up for top-tier activities such as APEP’s famous Presidential Election Week or dinner meetings with ambassadors or politicians.
  • All invitations – Members receive invitations for all our thematic programs and special events.
  • Priority registration – Members enjoy priority admittance and/or reduced participation fees whenever registering for invitational programs.
  • Network access – in order to let APEP Members enjoy the full benefits of our extensive network, we are pleased to help Members initiate one-on-one contacts both in the Netherlands and in other core ‘APEP areas’.
  • Your whole organization profits – APEP Membership applies to the organization as a whole: not only you but your associates, employees and supervisory board members can benefit from APEP’s services.

More information

For more information about Membership and about how your organization could benefit from it, please contact us.